Our philosophy is to offer our guests an authentic, unfiltered and thereby honest guest experience. We see our versatility as a chance and we use it as an inspiration. The uniqueness of our concepts and the drive to innovate set us apart. We develop new ideas with a passion. The reason why we do what we do, is to enable running and maintaining independent hospitality and gastronomy without being dependent on third parties.

We are driven by the joy of hospitality and gastronomy and we therefore always focus first on the content (of the culture program, kitchen, the offering, etc.). The continuation and development of this principle stands behind all our projects. Furthermore, by using the synergies between our different business ventures, we can deliver a maximum of advantages to our guests. This is our greatest strength and it benefits everybody. We are aware of our responsibilities. We are a company from Basel and the region plays an important role in our work. Responsibility is not just a label, but the most important ingredient to our daily work. Basically, we want to remain what we are - that’s why our growth is not the objective but rather the consequence of these considerations.