Catering Service

From exclusive catering to catering services for homes, hospitals/clinics, schools and a lot more: We offer an attractive and economic alternative to your own company kitchen. By chosing us as your caterer, you can save staff costs, valuable square metres and expensive furnishings.

With the catering concepts from Ryago Catering, you can not only reduce costs, but also implement ideas that are varied and healthy. Even in diet cuisine, we bring many years of experience. We set new standards in the quality of food with fresh, high-quality ingredients. With our modern kitchens, professional staff and excellent delivery service, we provide a high standard performance.

You can count on friendly service as well as reliability. We even include your employees in our catering concepts and implement proven quality and hygiene standards in your business in the long term.


Catering for exclusive private occasions, catering service and complete management of staff restaurants.