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Who we are

The «Wyniger Group» was founded after the merger of the Teufelhof Basel and the Ryago AG and bundles the supervisory business activities of all the affiliated companies. Via the “Teufelhof Management AG” the central services are offered to all our business units. The group has approximately 230 employees spread across different locations around Basel.  The Wyniger Group consists of the Ryago Catering, eight restaurants, two hotels, a theater, a brewery, a wine shop, two bars and a spirits brand. The best-known hotel of the group is “Der Teufelhof Basel” which is also the starting point of today’s company.

The “Wyniger Group” is rooted locally and calls Basel its home. Raphael Wyniger is the owner and director of the group and manages the company and its employees. He is also still the operative manager of the Teufelhof Basel. All the other companies are managed by active directors who, as important partners of Wyniger, lead their respective operations independently. 

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The Wyniger Group emerged originally from the Teufelhof Basel.

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Our philosophy is to offer our guests an authentic, unfiltered and thereby honest guest experience.

Raphael Wyniger im Treppenhaus

Raphael Wyniger

Raphael Wyniger, founder and owner of the group, born in 1975, is a passionate hotelier and gastronome.