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The «Wyniger Group» was founded after the merger of the Teufelhof Basel and the Ryago AG and bundles the supervisory business activities of all the affiliated companies. Via the “Teufelhof Management AG” the central services are offered to all our business units. The group has approximately 230 employees spread across different locations around Basel.  The Wyniger Group consists of the Ryago Catering, eight restaurants, two hotels, a theater, a brewery, a wine shop, two bars and a spirits brand. The best-known hotel of the group is “Der Teufelhof Basel” which is also the starting point of today’s company.

The “Wyniger Group” is rooted locally and calls Basel its home. Raphael Wyniger is the owner and director of the group and manages the company and its employees. He is also still the operative manager of the Teufelhof Basel. All the other companies are managed by active directors who, as important partners of Wyniger, lead their respective operations independently. 



The Wyniger Group emerged from the guest and culture house Der Teufelhof Basel. In 2009, the current owner Raphael Wyniger took over the Teufelhof Basel as managing owner. Since then, he has steadily developed and expanded the Teufelhof's activities. The following are key points in the history of the Wyniger Group:
2022: Coming soon: Waldhaus beider Basel www.waldhausbeiderbasel.com
2021: Acquisition of the facility management company JCK Services GmbH and repositioning under the Win Services brand. www.winservices.ch
2021: Majority shareholding in the traditional company Confiserie Beschle AG. www.beschle.ch
2020: Corona pandemic. Strategy expansion in the sense of diversification of the company with the aim of providing as many services as possible in-house in the future.
2020: Foundation of the non-profit association MALIAN for the integration and promotion of people who are restricted in their gainful employment for personal, health, social or (socio-)political reasons or similar. www.malian.ch
2019: Opening of the design hotel Set by Teufelhof Basel. www.sethotelbasel.com
2018: Acquisition of the traditional catering company Ryago AG. www.ryago.ch
2017: Launch of the spirits company "Rheinbrand". www.rheinbrand.info
2016: Opening of the brewery "Stadtmauer Brauer" in the Teufelhof. www.stadtmauerbrauer.ch
2015 - 2019: Opening of further own restaurant concepts in Basel city centre.
2015: Opening of the first concept outside the Teufelhof: the Coffee - Restaurant - Bar 1777. www.1777.ch
2014: After numerous events in and around the Teufelhof, the decision was made to lead the Teufelhof Basel into the future as a guest and culture house through a moderate and value-oriented growth strategy.
2009: The Thommy-Kneschaurek couple hands over the Teufelhof to Nathalie and Raphael Wyniger.
1989 Foundation of the guest and culture house Der Teufelhof Basel by Monica and Dominique Thommy-Kneschaurek.
Raphael Wyniger himself was born in 1975, is married and a passionate restaurateur and hotelier. As the father of three children, he calls the region of Basel his home. In addition to his passion for gastronomy, his heart also beats for sport; actively in particular for running. As a person with local roots in the region of Basel, he is happy to be your contact for any tourist information. As the owner of the group, Wyniger manages the operational business and is also present in particular as a hotelier and host at the Teufelhof Basel. In addition, he is active as a member of the board of directors at the KKL Luzern, serves as president of Hotelleriesuisse Basel & Region and is a member of the board of directors of the Swiss Hospitality Collection. In 2015, he was named Hotelier of the Year in Switzerland; in 2019, he was honoured with the Prix Bâlence business award.

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Our philosophy is to offer our guests an authentic, unfiltered and thereby honest guest experience.

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We base our actions - always to the best of our knowledge and belief - on the following values.

we are guest- and customer-oriented and want to inspire them.
In doing so, we work with joy, pride and professionalism
we generate high quality in all areas
we want to meet and exceed the high expectations of our guests and customers
we cultivate a respectful relationship with all our stakeholders
we regard our employees as co-entrepreneurs, respect them and recognise exceptional performance
we offer opportunities for committed people thanks to sufficient apprenticeships and good training and further education
we enrich the way we think and act, also thanks to the cultural diversity of our dazzling operations
we promote culture with a substantial contribution of our budget and are thus not primarily commercial
we are innovative and close to the market. In doing so, we set our own standards first and foremost
wherever possible, we provide all services ourselves within our group via our own service companies
wherever possible, we produce all products ourselves within our Group, including through our own production plants
we are anchored regionally, locally and in the Basel area
we are and remain independent and are therefore individual and unique
we attach great importance to occupational health and safety measures and implement them in a timely manner
we make our contribution to the integration of people with disabilities
we promote culture with a substantial contribution of our budget and are therefore not primarily commercial
we do not act commercially either
we are and act sustainably and thus make a contribution to our region.

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Social engagement is very important to us. We actively promote and engage in culture – for example by running our own theater at the Teufelhof.

Our role in the market

In order to maintain independence, promote culture and integration, and not only secure but even expand jobs in our company, we strive for selective and sustainable growth in our business fields. In doing so, we want to be a reliable partner for our business partners. We are aware of our responsibility in the local market. Our size allows us to offer our employees good internal promotion and development opportunities. This aspect in particular is of great importance to us for our ambitious professionals and young talents, also because we want a mutual personal bond and at the same time want to offer a perspective. In doing so, we make an unmistakable contribution to the prosperous Basel region.

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As a future-oriented and locally anchored company, we work sustainably. We take our responsibility seriously and are a reliable partner for the various stakeholders. In doing so, we are committed to continuously improving ourselves in all respects. This applies to social, ecological and economic aspects. For us, sustainability is more than just lip service. Our own production plants, which produce from the region for the region, an active and substantially funded non-profit association for labour integration or our active cultural commitment are just three examples of our practised sustainability. It is our approach to become even better here and we work on it every day.


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