Radio Waldhaus FM

Lukie Wyniger, host and manager of the Waldhaus beider Basel, is also a former producer and presenter of various SRF 3 radio and YouTube programmes. Lukie Wyniger's passion is now being revived with the new in-house internet radio station. Under the direction of Wyniger's sister Isabel Dalli, a radio programme and broadcasting concept was created in a small studio on the ground floor of the Lodge - the building in the middle of the forest, next to the Waldhaus beider Basel. From there, it is now possible to broadcast out into the wide world at any time.

At Waldhaus FM, he creates a unique tapestry of music that doesn't have to adhere to the rules of the radio business. You can listen to it in the office, on the train journey to Ticino or in the Waldhaus lounge.
The radio studio can also be hired for voice recordings and podcasts.

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