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Hospitality & Gastronomy

Our umbrella brand „Wyniger Group” bundles all our concepts and businesses which are in turn positioned under their own brand and always managed individually. In doing so, we offer a versatile and distinctive portfolio of possibilities. From the high class gourmet restaurant to a trendy cocktail bar and up to the reliable catering partner- we are a trustworthy and longstanding partner with a host of clients.

Our different establishments combine a shared philosophy in the spirit of our vision to offer our guest an authentic, unfiltered and thereby honest guest experience. We see our versatility as a chance and we use it as an inspiration. The uniqueness of our concepts and the drive to innovate set us apart.

Aussenansicht des Teufelhof Basel


With the renowned guest and culture house “Der Teufelhof Basel” and its gallery hotel and art hotel and the urban Hotel Royal at the Badischer Bahnhof, we offer a beautiful portfolio of overnight accommodations.

Viele Gäste im 1777


From the trendy urban restaurant in the city center of Basel to Japanese cuisine, a gourmet restaurant or a neighborhood restaurant – you can find a nice variety of services.

Ein Getränk mit Eiswürfeln


We run the following bars with a passion.

Stadtmauerbrauer Team

Other businesses

Our versatility is our biggest asset and besides reliable catering, unique hotels or elaborate restaurants, we also include other businesses and therefore opportunities.

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Past concepts & pop ups

Wir bieten regelmäßig verschiedene Attraktionen an. Kommen Sie vorbei.